Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day Twenty-Four Tuesday August 24th, 2010

Day Twenty-Four
Tuesday August 24th, 2010

For He has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted;
Nor has He hidden His face from Him;
But when He cried to Him, He heard
-Psalm 22:24

God sees us when we are afflicted. God does care for us. He may allow something to happen, and that something might be horrible (like Jesus dying on the cross) and He doesn’t get pleasure out of watching us suffer, but He uses it for good. He used the torture and death of His Son Jesus to save us from our sin. He used the Holocaust to gather His people back from all over the world to the land of Israel. Just because we can’t see what He’s doing doesn’t mean He’s doing nothing. A lot of people try to judge God based on very limited information. We can’t judge God because we don’t know everything. Judging before reviewing all the evidence is called pre-judging or prejudice. Do you have a prejudice against God? He knows everything. He knows the beginning from the end. You cannot impose laws on God. He imposes those on Himself and He does stick to them. We have to trust God since He knows everything and we don’t. You can choose to not trust Him if you want, but He will get His way. You can either be on His side or against Him. I know this sounds like God has the opportunity to be selfish and greedy but the only reason we think He is is because that’s what we would be if we were in His position. Every government in the history of man where one guy has all the power has failed because people are corrupt. Every modern government we make is designed to keep one man from having too much power. That’s because men are evil. (Women are too, don’t think you’re getting away with anything, Wanda) But God is good. He is always good and He will always be good. God wanted to be our king because He knows that man is evil. If I had absolute power, I would use it for good… at first… but as I got bored with fixing the problems of the world, I would start to focus on myself. I would become corrupt simply because I cannot handle that type of power until I’m perfected. God can handle that power because He is perfect. He knows when we are suffering and we have to trust that if He hasn’t yet delivered us from it, then He has a better plan.

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