Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day Twenty-One Saturday August 21st, 2010

Day Twenty-One
Saturday August 21st, 2010

Save Me from the lion’s mouth
And from the horns of the wild oxen!
You have answered Me
-Psalm 22:21

When we call out for deliverance, God hears and God answered. When the people were slaves in Egypt for 400 years, they cried out to God and He sent Moses to deliver them. They constantly cried out in the wilderness and God met every one of their needs, although He did it His way and not theirs. When the people came into the promised land and loved foreign women and their gods, and they were taken captive, God heard them when they cried out and delivered them from their enemies through the judges. When they cried out asking for a king, God gave them one, and then another, even though He was supposed to be their king. When Solomon asked God to listen when the people cried out towards the temple in Jerusalem, God promised to hear. God hears us and He answers us. He saves us and He delivers us. He did not deliver us to lead a life of comfort and wealth, although a lot of Christians are comfortable and wealthy. He delivered us to be with Him. His home was always heaven. Earth was always just a temporary thing since the fall in Genesis 3. My home is in heaven. Chico (where I am now) is just where I am now. It’s my mission field. I’m here to bring people into a deeper relationship with our Savior. I’m here to extend His hand to the broken and breathe His words to the lost. God saves. He saved me. He can save you. He saves by dying on the cross to pay for our sins. He died in our place. Do you want to be saved? Just call out to Him. He does it. If you need someone to talk to, shoot me an email.

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