Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Our God is a god who values relationships. They are the most important thing to Him. So much so that He sent His only Son to restore a broken relationship between us and Him. He gives us marriage relationships and parental relationships as pictures of what our relationship with God is supposed to be like, and as pictures represent in part, but never fully take the place of what the image is of, so is marriage and parenting. They are incomplete, almost 2 dimensional pictures of our relationship with God. The work comes after. God was ready to destroy His people in the wilderness and start over again with Moses. He offered to start a line with Jereboam if he would follow His ways. God is not worried about His reputation. He will not prefer to keep someone in a position to make Him look good if that person doesn't have a good relationship with Him. Look at Saul. His kingdom fell apart when He stopped following God.

That being so, what takes priority in your life? Is your relationship with God your number one priority? How much time do you actually spend with Him? Jesus, being Himself God, constantly tried to get away from the crowds to pray and commune with the Father. How often do we get away? How high on our priority list is prayer?

After our relationship with the Father, who's next? Husband, wife, children, boyfriend, girlfriend, roommates, best friends, bff's... who? Do our relationships with those people mean more to us than our jobs? Not in today's culture. When meeting new people, we ask, "What do you do?" instead of, "Are you married?" We are more interested in results than relationships.

What if our relationships were the results God is looking for? Maybe the talents He gives His servants isn't money in the parable, but opportunities to fellowship. The one who has been given ten makes ten more, likewise the one with five makes five more, but the one who has one hides himself away and is... well... scolded... severely... with weeping and gnashing of teeth.

In our busy schedules, who do we make time for? Who do we show our love for in other ways than just telling them or sending candy on Valentine's day? Is there anyone in our lives who would cause us to break from our routines so that we could minister to that person? Is there only one?

Jesus chose 12 disciples in whom He would invest His time. He called them from their jobs to spend three years walking with Him everywhere. (They didn't know it would be three years and I don't know if any of them (other than the fishermen, but that was only for a day) went back to their previous jobs.) And out of those 12, He chose 3. He wanted to show them how to live a life for God and although He ministered to thousands, these 12 helped (or often hindered) His ministry.

Who have you chosen to invest time and energy into showing how to imitate Christ? Do you know that you are supposed to have disciples? We are told to make them of all nations, are we not? Even if you do not call them disciples, is there someone in your life who is newer to the faith than you are that you can train and teach and raise up so that they can do the same? This isn't the Pastor's job. It's the Christian's. The sheep don't only follow the shepherd, they also follow each other. Other sheep are following you and if you are not putting an importance on your relationship with the Shepherd, what are they going to do?

1 Chronicles 11:1.
Look it up.

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J said...

I once visited my friends church in Oregon and noticed in the Sunday bulletin a bullet about a meeting time for the "Pastor's Mighty Men". Intrigued, I asked my friend about it. I imagined all kinds of things: burly brothers, beefed up bodyguards, the pastor's hitmen, et. al. But no...they were merely men who met regularly to simply pray for the pastors in the church. What better protection could a pastor ask for?!