Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Misplaced Japanese

I was reading online today about how the camps for the evacuees in Japan are getting full and although people are getting enough food and shelter, their living conditions aren't the best for long term housing. The long term housing solution that Japan does have is coming but the radiation is making it tricky.

I have a spare bedroom in my apartment. I could house one older gentleman. Do you think Japan will send me one? The price of a plane ticket must be less than it costs to feed and house him. My heart suddenly filled with compassion for the Japanese as I was reading the article and I want to help, but I don't have money or resources other than prayer and this extra room. I'm already praying. Does anyone else feel like hosting a Japanese quake refugee?

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J said...

Over 43 million refugees in the world today...probably much more counting the recent Japanese crisis.
“In 2020, the UN has projected that we will have 50 million environmental refugees,”
Thank you for bringing this issue to the front of my mind...I imagine what it would be like if my family became displaced for whatever reason...my immediate response is prayer. What else does God have in mind?
Pakistan seems to have a special history of refugees...many fled there from Afghanistan since the 1970's and they themselves have been further displaced by 2005's earthquakes and last year's monsoon flooding. Many Palestinians have lived as refugees for the last 4-5 generations. And I guess that Europe is flooded with refugees from Africa, the war-torn Baltic states, and from the Middle East.