Saturday, July 23, 2011

Literary Vomit... I'll sort through it later.

How do I begin to relate the last week? It's been incredible. God has delivered brand new believers into our body. There were about a dozen kids and one parent who gave their lives to the Lord at VBS Oroville this last week. I learned about 100 new names and spent some time (not enough) with some very dear friends.

Let me put it this way...

I woke up in a dream. It was a garden of sorts, and everything was familiar, but different. Paved paths led nowhere and dirt paths would lead me wherever I wanted to go. All the signs pointed up, and the people I met were strangers, but loved me like family. I dug, I planted, I watered, I harvested. I reached into those little artichokes and touched their little hearts. I cared and tendered along with other workers a wonderful garden. We learned the names all the plants and rejoiced over them with singing.

I dug my toes in the soil and rested in the shade of creation. I drank from the eternal well and slept amongst the sweet sweat of a hard days work. I worked alongside a most valued friend and we worked together tired continually with smiles on our faces and encouragement in our voices.

It was a mountain we cast into the sea. It was walking on water. It was raising the dead and healing the sick and setting free those who have been captive. It was living by having faith and trust in the living God.

I did the work, but God gets the glory. The work I did is just a dim reflection as in a puddle of what God was doing beyond our vision.

You know that song that says, "if we are the body, why aren't His hands moving?" I don't know who that guy is, but I challenge him to come out of the studio and serve in a VBS. He'll be singing a different tune. Maybe something along the lines of "How Wonderful Thou Art."


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Awesome, I feel very blessed to have been a farmhand in that garden :)