Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Closing Hour of Vacation

As the closing hour of my vacation draws near, I feel as though I am not any wiser or any closer to the Lord than when I left. But I'm at peace. I have not worried or stressed or fought back any complaints for the last three days. I don't know if I was really expecting a change of life direction with this time, but I didn't get one. Instead I feel like I've laid down my burdens and stretched a bit. I still don't know which ones, if any, I need to give up. I'm still not sure whether God is planning on lightening my load or giving me a stronger back. But I do know He has something in mind. Guessing at what it might be is foolishness since my imagination cannot compare to the blessings God has already planned for me. Am I blessed? I am. I am truly and undeservingly blessed. And it's not because I'm good, but because the one who loves me is Good. And in His goodness and love will I forever dwell. Amen.

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