Friday, August 26, 2011

It was a dark and stormy night.

At evening, we got in the boat to sail across the sea. The wind was calm, but we caught a slight westward breeze that pushed us away from shore. Peter said at this rate, we'd be across in a couple of hours. I had just eaten a large meal so I stretched out on the bundles of fishing net and shut my eyes. Not a hour later, I wake up to a full fledge storm. It just came out of no where. Peter and Andrew are yelling out orders and the rest of us are straining to hear them over the wind and the waves crashing into the boat. James starts handing out oars and John is bailing water. I rush to the side and start paddling with all my might. The water is constantly spraying me in the face and a wave knocks me down. I almost drop my paddle. The darkness of the storm blocks out all view of land, although I looked across the sea before we left and could easily make out the mountains on the other side. We paddle and paddle and paddle for hours and hours and hours. My arms felt like jello. I take a few seconds longer to get up after each wave knocks me down and I'm drenched to the core. I've swallowed more water than John has been able to bail and it's starting to dawn on us that we might not make it. Peter and Andrew have stopped shouting and Andrew has his face in his hands. It's all over.

Matthew was the first one to see it. He was sitting right in front of me and I heard him scream. I look behind me to see what he's looking at and through the storm but the light of lightening, there is a figure on the sea. It disappears behind a wave and then appears again. Someone said ghost and we all panicked. We were all screaming and I heard someone mention jumping overboard. But just then the ghost spoke.

"Don't be afraid, it is I"

At once we recognized the voice. It was Jesus! He was walking on the water! Though our speech was frozen in our throats at first by fear, and now by awe, it was Peter who first spoke. He asked to walk on the water to Jesus, and Jesus said He could go! Then Peter actually jumps overboard and starts walking on water! He must truly be the greatest of the twelve. None of the rest of us even dared to ask. But then, as Peter is walking toward Jesus, up and down on the waves, he starts looking around. He looks at the wind and the waves and immediately, he began to sink. Jesus grabs him and helps him up and back into the boat. Just then, the storm stopped and we were at shore. It was the most amazing night in my entire life, but life with Jesus seems to be full of surprises. Just wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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