Friday, August 05, 2011

The Rocks Cry Out

The rocks cried out a week after Jesus said they would. When He rode on a donkey into Jerusalem, the pharisees asked Him to tell the people to stop worshipping Him. He said that if they stopped the rocks would cry out. They did.

A week later, when Jesus hung on the cross, no one worshipped Him. They mocked Him of fled for their own lives. When He died on that cross, the rocks cried out in a giant earthquake and the veil was torn. Who heard their cry? A Roman Soldier who could then proclaim, "Truly this was the Son of God."

Three days later, when Jesus rose from the dead, the rocks cried out once again, releasing from their depths the dead who had died in faith.

One day, I will ascend to heaven. I will ascend to the Glory of my Master and I will leave behind pain and sickness and death itself. My home is not of this world. If my home was of this world, I would fight for it. Instead I stand in the gap. Preaching the Gospel until God takes me home... and after God takes me home, the rocks will cry out once again.

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