Monday, September 26, 2011

Prayer and Light

Sometimes, I can't think of words to pray, but my thoughts and feelings still go up to the Lord. In a sense, I'm basking in His presence and although I don't have the words, I lift up my heart to God. I know that the Holy Spirit prays for me in those times. (Romans 8:26)

I visualize it as a light shining out the top of my head going to the Lord. When I'm praying with a group of people, I imagine lights coming out of each of our heads and combining as they go straight up to Heaven. What if the world could see this light as a Christian prays. What if our lights were always on? What if it was this light by which we could see?

I think if there was an actual visual, I would pray a lot more often.

I think the Apostle John had a lot to say about light... feel free to read John and 1 John and comment your thoughts.

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