Wednesday, December 28, 2011



I'm learning patience.

There are a few things that I can control in my life and many things that I cannot.

One of the things I can control is patience.

Patience is longsuffering.

Waiting without suffering is just waiting.

I am learning to suffer for a long time.

But the suffering I endure is not worthy to be compared to what other people have to suffer through.

And sometimes I wonder why my suffering is enough for me to endure.

If I am impatient with my trial, how can I overcome a larger one?

One step at a time.

God doesn't give me long range plans.

He only tells me what to do now.

And I usually can't see beyond the step I am currently taking.

I am constantly walking into the unknown.

If I knew what was going to happen, I would enjoy this step more.

It would be easier to endure this suffering.

I could be patient. 

But knowing wouldn't be trusting.

But knowing wouldn't be faith.

Faith is believing without seeing.

Do I believe that God provides for me?


I can break it down to two easy steps.

1. God is big enough and strong enough to take care of me.

2. God is loving enough towards me that He wants to take care of me.

If I can believe those two things, and I do, then I should have no fear of the unknown.

So I don't...


I'd still like to know what was going to happen.

But that's just me.

Not God.

God already knows, and He wants me to find out then.

Not now.

So I wait.



The suffering I endure is not one of physical strain.

My suffering is an attack on my faith.

How long will I wait on the Lord before I try to take care of things myself?

How long will I wait on the Lord before I try to speed things up?

When is God too late?

Of course I know the answer.


He is always on time.

I think it's in the nick of time. At the last second. He barely made it.

But He does what He does when He wants to.

He planned it that way.

To keep me trusting.

To keep me waiting.

To prove my faith...


...or to disprove it.

To prove it.

I'm going to be victorious.

I'm going to wait...

...and be patient.

I'm not going to take what isn't mine.

I will trust the Lord to provide.

I will have faith.

My God is big enough.

My God loves me enough to take care of me.

He's going to do it.

He will.

Just watch and see.

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Genesis 29:20