Monday, January 30, 2012

Being Sick is Driving me Crazy

I now have five heads, each one slightly larger, attached together in a train. I arrange each one on a pillow before I can sleep. My eyes are too many to close at once. They close in intervals counting to prime numbers. Before I can sleep, my pillows cry out to me asking for help because the blankets are hogging up too much of bed and they don't feel as if they have enough space. One of the blankets decided that it would rather go sleep in another room until this whole fiasco is over. After I get my heads in order, I might go join it.

The lions and the tigers don't bother me so much anymore. They've realized that I'm no longer interested in being frightened sold they teeth on eBay so they could buy a deck of cards and play Gin Rummy. Now they only bother me to help them sign into paypal to see if they payment went through.

Before he died, my stuffed Rabbit was the best listener I've ever had. Since he's died, he's even better.

The world does seem to turn on a pin. It spins one way, and then the other. I don't know if it's me who keeps changing directions but I get lost fairly easily.

This must be what it's like to get old. Sleep for only a few hours... wake up coughing... take some medicine... wake up really sweaty about an hour later... everything I do is in slow motion. I get up in slow motion, eat in slow motion (normal speed for me), drive, walk, everything really slow. And on top of that, everything makes me tired. I want to take a nap after a shower, after a meal, after everything. Getting sick must be what getting old feels like.

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