Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Habakkuk 1:1

1 - The burden which the prophet Habakkuk saw.

This simple title for this section describes that the problem Habakkuk saw weighed heavily on his heart. His heart was for the Lord and when someone's heart is for the Lord, sin grieves it. When you and I see sin, we should be grieved, but how many of us rejoice when we see sin in movies or television. We justify it by saying that it is fake sin, made up, written into the script... but still, what does it do to our hearts? Do we watch movies to see sin? We don't say this to ourselves, but could it honestly be the heart of our justifications? "I can't be violent in real life, I would get in trouble, but I want to sometimes, and watching it makes me feel better." or "I know I'm not supposed to lust after a woman, but it's a hard thing to do, and watching this movie helps satisfy that urge for a while without me having to go and do it in real life."

Sin should grieve our hearts. Instead, we build up walls and callouses on our hearts so that we can not only endure sin, but actually enjoy it. How far are our hearts from God at those moments? We still praise Him with our lips, but it's just a show... for those around us, but also for us. It's a way of us lying to ourselves about what we do. The presence of sin should be a burden on us that we constantly have to give up to the Lord. We should seek comfort from Him not only for the pain that comes from our sin but the pain that comes from those who sin near us. It should affect me when I see someone else sin. My heart has been too hardened. Please soften it, Lord.

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