Friday, February 03, 2012

Sleep is an elusive creature

Sleep is an elusive creature. When I find it, I always find it on my bed, under the blankets and on the pillow, but it's not always there. Sometimes, I lay in wait for it, and it doesn't come. Other times, I get there and it's ready for me. And once I have it, I struggle to let it go. I want to hold onto it far beyond the reaches of night. I want to hold onto it under the sunlight coming through my window. I want to hold onto it throughout the day, but it struggles from me and breaks free. So I go about my day, hoping to meet up with and capture it again when the sun has set, and the moon is aged in the sky. When the stars start to droop and the world is tired. Then I get on my bed, look under the covers and on the pillow and it is there. I slide my arms around it and hold on tight.

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