Friday, September 28, 2012

Last night on the central coast.

I love my wife. It's the end of our time on the Central Coast. Tomorrow, we head up to the bay area for the weekend (and a good friend's wedding) and then home on Monday. I miss a lot of things up there, like my job, my dog, our friends (not in that order) and I look forward to building our home together in our new place. It's going to be a good life, full of hardships and prayers and God's answers to prayers, but I know it will be good.

Tonight, I took my bride to a drive in movie double feature. Finding Nemo (great) and The Odd Life of Timothy Green (so not great). The good thing about that movie was being in a parked car with my wife. Seriously, that was the best thing.

But our time in San Luis Obispo County was so short and I didn't get to see all the friends I wanted nor show Ashley all the places I wanted. What I did get to do was eat at all the places I wanted... priorities, right? Anyway, I have an early morning so I'll say a good sweet night.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Late night for a good reason

I stayed up late tonight after Ashley went to bed. I spent the time working on a surprise for when she wakes up. While I was working, I put on a DVD that Josh and Sandra have called Life. It's a documentary about animals. It's like a Planet Earth copycat. I like it. It's super interesting and causes me to praise God for His creation.

I love being married. This week is super fun as I introduce Ashley to the ten years I spent in San Luis Obispo County. The days are filled with stories and friends and more stories from friends. I haven't been so open about my relationship with Ashley so we have to tell our story over and over, which you might think gets old, but I think we get better at telling it the more we practice... and every once in a while, a new part comes out that the other didn't know.

I love hanging out with my Central Coast friends and their kids! These kids weren't alive when I lived here and I love them! Also, we went back to my old church on Sunday and visited the Sunday School class and the kids remembered me! They are such a good kids, I miss them so much! Their current teacher is doing a great job with them and they are learning so much. Being here makes me want to move back, but I know that God has great things for me to do in Oroville for now. I will be content with what I have. But I do love the Central Coast!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane... you know the rest.

Today marks our last day in Hawaii. Please pray for our travels as we head back to the mainland. We are planning a slight detour on Saturday due to some bad news we received on the trip. Please pray that where we go, we will bring His brightness with us to lighten up the place.

Hawaii has been a wonderful host to us. Kauai was amazing and Maui had some fun for us as well. It's hard for my heart to grasp that I'm married. It's difficult because I imagined it would be harder, but it's actually easier for us to be married than to be just friends or dating. Part of the ease is due to the release of boundaries. We are free to get close to each other in a way we weren't before. We don't have to be careful anymore of getting too close and that is a burden off my heart. Another thing I love about being married is that I don't have to take her home at the end of the night. We can stay together all night long!

She is a morningish person and I'm a night person, so I get some time at night once she goes to sleep to read and reflect and write a little and she gets that same time in the morning. Today we were talking about how good time alone with the Lord is. Even though I love spending every moment with her, it's difficult to quietly listen to the Lord when we're together.

I love my ring. It's not because it's jewelry or gold, but it means that I'm married and I love that. I love feeling the ring on her finger when we hold hands. Everyone guesses that we're honeymooners and I don't blame them. We talk a lot about what life will be like when we're done from our honeymoon. We speculate about how God is going to provide for us and what it will look like for us to trust Him. We talk about what it will be like to have kids and to raise up our teen group into adulthood. We talk about things that we are going to do, or would like to do, together. From now on, it's us. I love that. We got to lay hands on and pray for a young man last Sunday that God would lead him in his studies and let him be a light to his classmates and his teachers. We got chatted up by a 3 year old at dinner who was very polite, but very very talkative. Her dad (where she gets it from) was showing me pictures on his phone and talking about how wonderful his daughter is. It was sweet to see a man love his daughter so much.

We are having a great time, but we miss our town, our ministry, our friends and even our jobs. We talked about how great it would be to live someplace like this, but honestly, the best place to live is where God puts you. He put us in Oroville, and we excited to start that part of our lives.

But first, just one more week of honeymoon...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So I done did got hitched

I know it's been awhile since anyone has heard from me. I got married and took off with my new wife on a wonderful honeymoon. I'm still on it. I'm writing this from Maui. I would say married life is great, but I haven't really experienced it yet. I'm still on my honeymoon, which is wonderful, but I don't count it yet as married life. Just as you would take a break from life to go on vacation, I'm doing that too. This is my cocoon time. This is the time that Ashley and I are hidden away from the world to reemerge as one beautiful person in the eyes of God.

So why am I breaking the silence? Well I've discovered that Ashley needs about 12 hours of sleep and night and I don't. So I lay with her in bed a while and read with her and pray with her, let her drift off, lovingly stare at her while she sleeps... make a few faces at her to see if she really is sleeping... and then get up to do things like read, bake a cookie, get something to drink, work on a blog, etc...

Basically, I feel like I'm on vacation with my two best friends. When Ashley and I are hanging out, Jesus is always on our minds and we talk about Him a lot. I was telling Ashley the other day that I think soap is a good analogy for an aspect of Jesus. Whenever soap touches something dirty, the soap doesn't get dirty, but the object it touches gets cleaner. The soap gives of its own self to clean other things. In the same way, you can't dirty Jesus, and anyone that Jesus touches becomes clean. (read it in the gospels) I'll get pictures up in a while. We took a lot and it will take a while to download them off our phones and cameras and compile them and present them in any orderly fashion. So be patient, and pray.

The little news of back home that we have received hasn't been good. At least three people Ashley knows (I have met one of them) have been hospitalized within the past week. All are serious, possibly fatal, probably life changing. Please pray for them. We can't minister as effectively from here. If you know them, go visit and encourage them. Matthew 25:36