Friday, September 28, 2012

Last night on the central coast.

I love my wife. It's the end of our time on the Central Coast. Tomorrow, we head up to the bay area for the weekend (and a good friend's wedding) and then home on Monday. I miss a lot of things up there, like my job, my dog, our friends (not in that order) and I look forward to building our home together in our new place. It's going to be a good life, full of hardships and prayers and God's answers to prayers, but I know it will be good.

Tonight, I took my bride to a drive in movie double feature. Finding Nemo (great) and The Odd Life of Timothy Green (so not great). The good thing about that movie was being in a parked car with my wife. Seriously, that was the best thing.

But our time in San Luis Obispo County was so short and I didn't get to see all the friends I wanted nor show Ashley all the places I wanted. What I did get to do was eat at all the places I wanted... priorities, right? Anyway, I have an early morning so I'll say a good sweet night.

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