Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Late night for a good reason

I stayed up late tonight after Ashley went to bed. I spent the time working on a surprise for when she wakes up. While I was working, I put on a DVD that Josh and Sandra have called Life. It's a documentary about animals. It's like a Planet Earth copycat. I like it. It's super interesting and causes me to praise God for His creation.

I love being married. This week is super fun as I introduce Ashley to the ten years I spent in San Luis Obispo County. The days are filled with stories and friends and more stories from friends. I haven't been so open about my relationship with Ashley so we have to tell our story over and over, which you might think gets old, but I think we get better at telling it the more we practice... and every once in a while, a new part comes out that the other didn't know.

I love hanging out with my Central Coast friends and their kids! These kids weren't alive when I lived here and I love them! Also, we went back to my old church on Sunday and visited the Sunday School class and the kids remembered me! They are such a good kids, I miss them so much! Their current teacher is doing a great job with them and they are learning so much. Being here makes me want to move back, but I know that God has great things for me to do in Oroville for now. I will be content with what I have. But I do love the Central Coast!!!

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