Saturday, October 20, 2012


I was praying for someone with cancer today, and it struck me as an odd disease. When people get sick, they usually have a bacteria or a virus that is causing the illness. Some foreign body has entered us and is trying to steal our own natural resources to survive. But since they are living creatures, they can be countered and we have developed antibiotics and antivirus to do so, but no one has ever invented anticancer. It got me thinking.

Cancer is a random mutation of cells in your body. It's when a number of cells stop serving the body, and start serving themselves. Cancer grows because it takes what the body needs and hordes it and uses it to promote it's own existence at the expense of the body as a whole, unknowingly killing itself since it cannot survive outside of the body or once the body is dead. Cancer is completely natural and there can really be nothing to be done to avoid it. (We have found that some of the things we do as humans seem to encourage cancer and thereby claim that they are causes, but people can get cancer without them as well.) It is hard to believe that one of these random mutations will actually help the body instead of killing it, but that is what some people believe, that there is a beneficial cancer out there that has happened millions and millions of times in the earth's past... except they don't call it cancer, they call it evolution. There is no cure for cancer, and I'm not sure there can ever be one. Cancer is from us, to kill us without any need of help from the outside world. In my opinion, everyone will have cancer sooner or later. Some just don't live long enough for it to take effect.

There is another type of disease that I'm aware of. Some people have genetic diseases, which, in my non-medical opinion, are not really diseases at all. They are genetic deficiencies. Someone does not have the right source code and that gives them a disadvantage in life. There is no cure for this either. But there is help. We can now supplement the body and produce the chemicals (or something close to) outside the body and inject it or swallow it to help our bodies out.

So here's the thing. I think God is showing us (or maybe just me) something with diseases. Let's start with a bacterial or viral infection. This is the enemy afflicting us from the outside. Sin has crept into us through "friends" or media and our thought process is changed. Sometimes, we need to get into God's Word to recover and other times, we've gotten so sick, that we have to leave the presence of God to realize that we can't do it alone. What's that saying again, feed a cold, but starve a fever? We can do a lot to prevent these illnesses, and we should. But most of us think that we won't get sick... which leads me to cancer.

Cancer, as far as I can see at the moment, comes in two forms. Pride and bitterness. They are cancers in our lives that don't come from outside sources, although they could be encouraged. Cancer doesn't just go away on its own. Your body can fight a cold or flu, but not cancer. It needs help. It needs you to weaken yourself voluntarily and admit that you need care. It's a painful process and not many make it through, but it's possible and the only option you have. Humility is the Chemotherapy of the soul.

As far as genetic deficiencies, we need a daily help for the lack in our lives. We need to be in the Word and in prayer which always go together. Prayer for a personal communication with Our Lord, and the Word to keep you listening to the right voice. Our enemy is an imitator and we've only seen God as a shadow. We are as blind and foolish as Isaac in his old age. We need the Word to keep us in truth and prayer to keep us in the spirit. The Word is our food and prayer is our breath.

Let's stay healthy Spiritually. Be careful what goes into your mind to avoid getting sick. Be careful about what you're around so as not to encourage the cancer that is in you, and keep getting what you lack (the Word) in you so that you may be complete.

It is my prayer that we don't get sick more often than we ought, that we pray without ceasing, and that the way we live our lives rise as a song to dance on the ears of Savior.

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Jason said...

Random mutation? Is there anything on this earth truly random?
If no, then even cancer can be used by the Master for His good easy to say, so hard to believe, painful to accept, torturous to live out.
No wonder humility is so rare in our world...