Monday, October 08, 2012

It is technically my 1 month Anniversery

My wife is sleeping, my cat is in my lap, and my dog is finally not paying attention. I love being married. I'm not going to lie and say it's been easy. I'm sure that we've had an easier time than most, but living with someone (especially a girl) has a lot of challenges. It's a lot different than roommates, for obvious reasons and then some that are not so obvious. At least to me. My roommates didn't care so much about what I ate or drank or how much. (soda... not alcohol) They didn't care about what I wore or if I had dry skin in my beard... or if I even had a beard. She cares about a lot of stuff that I don't, but I guess that's good, or that stuff wouldn't ever get addressed.

Her friends instantly become our friends, and I'm starting to feel less judged when we spend time with them. She has so many people that love her, that during our engagement period, I actually received death threats if I ever hurt her. I do love her and I would and do endure judgement for her. I believe she's worth it. One of the things that make it hard is that we have so many people that we want to see and spend time with, but we also need to spend time together alone at home. We do come home every night, but she gets tired early in the evening... and I... well... don't.

We had a great relaxing honeymoon, but we still need a few days or a week to get comfortable as a couple here. I don't know if I understand what is different, but there are differences. Here, our focus isn't entirely on ourselves as it was on our honeymoon. We would seriously sleep in until she couldn't sleep anymore, get up, eat, and then asked each other, "What do you feel like doing today?" Perfect.

But now, we have stuff to do and people to meet up with and more stuff to do. Changing names on accounts and turning in paperwork and filling out more paperwork and the list just keeps growing. The house is on hold mostly for construction projects until we get stuff put away from the wedding gifts, laundry needs to be done, the animals can finally be unsupervised together and Ashley has a full work schedule this week... which is a good thing.

Now don't read this discouragingly. I love my new life. It's a lot different and adjustment isn't perfectly smooth, but it's worth it. I think, that after we get our house in order... somewhat. We are looking forward to having people over and ministering to the teens here and all that stuff. I love spending time with Ashley and seeing her everyday and not having to schedule seeing her. I love not having to drive her home at night. I love that we can drive together instead of meeting someplace. I love having the house to ourselves without making the space for roommates or leaving stuff out without thinking that it's in our roommates way.

Anyway, I need to think of a way to bless my bride for putting up with me for a whole month. We don't have a lot of time today... hmm...

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