Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The blank page

The blank page.

For a writer, it's both beautiful and horribly terrifying. What goes on it? What genre or writing?

Lately, I've been feeling a desire to write, but I'm not sure what about. Life has been so busy as of late, that my mind is spinning and I have not had the time to be creative and I want to be.

My creativity comes like the tides. I have spells of monotony where I don't feel like doing anything, or more likely I feel overwhelmed by my to do list that I just want to sit and veg out if I get the chance, but there are other times too. I feel restless in what I'm doing and I want to create something. Usually, I have an idea of what I want to create. I feel inspired in a direction and can't wait to devote time to it throughout the day.

Tonight, however, is different. It eludes me. I search for it in tv shows, theology books, news articles, history lessons. I love all those things and want to be a part, but none of them seems the write fit. (Get it? write fit?)

I feel on the verge of change. Something big is coming and I don't know what. I pray and ask God to prepare me. He usually gives me this feeling when something is coming. I got it last before He told me to move to Chico. (I didn't get it before I got married, though. That was more... obvious)

Well, if you read this, pray for me. I want to be ready.


J said...

Has it happened yet? I think it has but I do not know it has. I think it was something to do with becoming a shepherd. We call it other things these days. Jesus never did though. He called it shepherding. Strange since shepherding was considered grueling menial work for society's leftovers. But Jesus doesn't look at things like we do. For which I am thankful!
Happy shepherding!

Jonathan Dow said...

Thanks Jason, but I don't think it's happened. I've felt so busy lately and I think it will come as I'm busy. I'm desperately not trying to be busy, to spend time with my wife and so forth, but there is just so much to do. And I don't even have kids yet. I like most of the things that I'm doing, but not everything. Life is good. I only want the changes that God has for me.