Sunday, January 06, 2013

Stop doing stuff for God?

So I'm reading this book that says (using Romans 7 as it's scripture) that since we are dead to the Law, we can do nothing for God so we should do nothing for God. Only when we give up trying to do nothing can He do everything in us. He gives examples such as a load weighing 250 lbs. Not just anyone can lift it, but just about everyone tries. And since everyone is trying, the few who can lift it cannot because of all the people who can't that are in the way. Also, a person who is drowning must be allowed to come close to death so that they can be saved without harming the rescuer and making them both drown.

It's an interesting concept. So I stop trying to do things and Christ just does them in me. He waits until I give up. It's hard to wrap my brain around. I do understand that I can do nothing in the flesh. I have to yield to the Spirit. I don't think this point is supposed to make me lazy and just lie around all day... although that is fun here and there. I'll have to turn that one over and over in my head a few times. Anyone have any thoughts?

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J said...

I still need to mull that one over a little bit too.